Where and How to Pick Mushrooms

    Where You Cannot Pick Mushrooms Mushrooms picking is prohibited in all National Parks, in all Provincial Parks, in all Ecological Reserves and in Regional Parks in British Columbia. Mushroom picking is also prohibited in all Provincial Conservancies and Recreation Areas and Trails. British Columbia Parks administers these lands under the British Columbia Park Act: Park, Conservancy and Recreation Area Regulations. Mushroom picking is also prohibited on all Department of National Defense (DND) lands. Designation of lands under special management such as First Nations management areas, Heritage Sites or Conservancies, may prohibit removing of mushrooms and other non-timber forest products (NTFPs). Community Forests may require permits for removing of mushrooms and other NTFPs. BC Parks can provide information on where mushroom picking is a prohibited activity in British Columbia. See the Map of British Columbia showing parks and other protected areas below   Where You Can Pick Mushrooms Permission must be obtained to gather mushrooms on all privately owned land, leased Crown Lands and on Indian Reserves. Mushroom harvesting is allowed on all Provincial Forest Crown Lands in British Columbia. This includes Crown Lands within Tree Farm Licenses (TFLs) and Timber Supply Areas (TSAs). Various regulations and laws … Continue reading Where and How to Pick Mushrooms