Feb 13th Meeting: Macro/Micro with Bryce Kendrick

The Usual: VanDusen, Floral Hall 5151 Oak St, Vancouver

Dr. Bryce Kendrick has authored more than 300 mycological publications, including several books. Notable titles include The Fifth Kingdom, A Young Person's Guide to Fungi, and The Genera of Hyphomycetes. Dr. Kendrick has studied fungi for over 50 years and is a retired former professor of mycology at the University of Waterloo. He currently lives on Vancouver Island and continues to be involved with the Pacific Northwest Key Council. We are so excited to welcome him here on the mainland for this special presentation.  Meeting time: Tuesday, February 13th, 7pm (talk begins at 7:30) Location: Floral Hall, VanDusen Gardens 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1   As always, we welcome and encourage you to bring whatever fungal finds you encounter. These specimens will be proudly identified and displayed at the meeting.