Web Links

Pacific Northwest Key Council – Identification keys to mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

E-Flora BC Fungi – A fungal overview by Michael Beug, with lots of further reading

Radical Mycology – Practical mycology focussed on cultivation and bioremediation

Mushroom Expert – Michael Kuo’s extensive essays and identification keys

Mushroom Observer – A massive creative commons library of mushroom photos, with crowd-sourced names

iNaturalist – A crowd-sourcing identification app for all things biological

r/mycology – The most active subreddit dedicated to mushrooms, mostly edible

Ways of Enlichenment – A premier resource for understanding lichenized fungi

Mushrooms Up! – Beatty Biodiversity Museum’s visual catalogue of significant edible and poisonous mushrooms

Northern Bushcraft – A list and descriptions of 31 easily identifiable wild edible mushrooms of BC

Forest Service BC – Guidelines for mushroom foragers

Facebook Groups:

Interior B.C. Mushrooms; Identification, Discussion, & Information

Vancouver Island Mushroom Identification & Info Group

Pacific Northwest Mushroom Identification and Information Forum

Inland Rainforest Naturalists

Vancouver Foraging Connection