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Club Profile

The lower mainland of British Columbia which surrounds Vancouver is home to some of the most diverse forms of fungi found anywhere in the world.

The first Mushroom Fair in the Vancouver area was held at the Vancouver Museum in 1974. It was a great success and its organizer, Kitsy Fraser, decided to make the Fair an annual event. By 1978, the Fairs became so popular that it was suggested a mushroom club be formed. Hence, at the 1978 Fair in October, people interested in forming a mushroom club were asked to sign up. The first Vancouver Mycological Society (VMS) meeting was held on November 7, 1978 at VanDusen Gardens, and an executive was elected. Continuing the tradition, the first VMS Mushroom Show was held on October 17, 1979. Since then, many people of different nationalities and backgrounds have joined the club, including mushroom farmers, professional mycologists, gourmet cooks, and a variety of eccentric characters.


Roles and Responsibilities

The VMS board is a hybrid governance / operational board and board members are responsible for organizing and managing the core needs of the club.  Members are elected to serve for one year.  The board meets five times yearly, and has Officer positions alongside Members at Large.

The time commitment for a board member fluctuates and the minimum time commitment is approximately 2-4 hours per month for Members at Large, and 3-6 hours for Officers, inclusive of board meetings.  The position of VMS board member is a volunteer role.


Standing Committees

The board is discussing a revised Club structure, to include three main nodes of focus: Governance, Operations and Engagement.

Governance is overseen by the entire Board of Directors, and includes issues of Membership, Nominations, Code of Conduct, and not-for-profit Compliance.

Operations is overseen by the Executive committee (the 4 officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and any others members they may appoint). It includes issues of Finance, Communications (both internal and external), and Inter-Club Relationships.

Engagement is the core activity of the VMS, and is overseen by club  members (who may or may not be Directors). It includes issues of Education, Events (such as the monthly meetings, forays, and annual show), and Toxicology.

The specific committees, organizational relationships, and Terms of Reference are still being discussed by the 2021 Board, and may not be formally accepted prior to the AGM. The 2023 Board may choose to revise, adopt, or reject this proposed structure.


Board Member Requirements

All board members are required to:

  • Be a member of the VMS for at least 1 year prior to nomination.
  • Ensure that VMS meets its legal and financial responsibilities as a registered society under the Societies Act.
  • Read and uphold the VMS Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Maintain the year to year continuity of the club and conduct annual reviews of the club over time
    • Approve policy and procedures and monitor their implementations.
    • Coordinate end of term succession.
  • Hold interest and curiosity in the diverse forms of fungi found in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Coordinate funding, support and/or sponsorship when needed.
  • Attend 5 annual board meetings and/or steward committees and maintain the flow of communication and administration between board and membership.


Required Skills and Attributes

The Vancouver Mycological Society is looking to develop the strategic direction for the club.  Particularly to ensure a commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion throughout all nodes of focus. 

  • Fluent communication skills with the ability to represent the organization externally.
  • A commitment to ensuring equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the organization.
  • A commitment to stewarding the nodes and committees of the club.
  • A willingness to engage in fundraising and gaining in-kind support.


Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Over the past year, our board has focused on growing clarity into the club structure while maintaining the culture and history of our club.  We are excited to welcome a new committee and would like to invite interested members to consider joining the Member Engagement & Code of Conduct Committee as a priority to strengthen the culture of how we practise mycology on unceded Indigenous Lands and welcome equity, diversity and inclusion for the coming years of VMS.


Application Process

Please submit an application through this portal to express your interest in VMS and the role of board member.

Applications to the role of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and member-at-large are encouraged.


Applications close on: September 19th

AGM date: September 19th — Voting will be open online for one week from September 12th to the 19th. The AGM will be announced at least 3 weeks in advance.


VMS will support applicants who require accommodation to fully participate in the application process. The board of directors works in a hybrid format (online and in-person) and is happy to receive applications from candidates who may not always be able to attend in person.  Please email: with any questions or requests.


Please note: applying to be considered by the Nominations Committee does not guarantee inclusion in their slate of electors.

In accordance with our bylaws (5c), “Nominations from the floor” (i.e. eligible nominations made, consented, and seconded by VMS members) will be presented for election in addition to the slate developed by the Nominations Committee. Floor nominations may be made during the election, or submitted in advance to



How To Find Us

We meet at VanDusen Botanical Garden the second Tuesday of September – June (except January) in the Floral Hall of Van Dusen Botanical Garden at 37th & Oak in Vancouver.

Visit VanDusen Botanical Garden for accessibility info and planning your route.